Developer Circles Community Challenge - Jakarta Hack Day

Facebook Developer Circles Jakarta

Driven by Local Communities

Developer Circles is a community-driven program that's free to join and open to any developer. Each Developer Circle is led by members of the local community who act as leads for the circle, organizing events offline and managing a local online Facebook community. Developer Circles are forums to share knowledge, collaborate, build new ideas, and learn about the latest technologies from Facebook and other industry leaders.

Supported by Facebook

Developer events, conferences, and hackathons take place everywhere. But we often hear that it’s hard to maintain the momentum, collaboration and knowledge-sharing in between events. With Developer Circles, in addition to hosting meetups and hackathons, each local circle will have a dedicated Facebook Group.

What is Developer Circles Community Challenge - Jakarta Hack Day?

  • Awareness for Global Online Competition of Facebook
  • Offline round in Jakarta
  • Mentor from Facebook Engineer and Local Superstar Engineers


  • Participant from individual, or individual team, who are members of DevC Jakarta
  • Participants could be from organization / company / start up with a maximum number of employees 50 people
  • Product as the entries for this hackathon could use Facebook tools. Must not be products that are already in commercial release
  • There is no registration fee
  • The team consists of a maximum of 5 people
  • Minimum submission: prototoype / mockup

Facebook Tools

  • Facebook Platform
    Login and Account Kit, Facebook Analytics, dan Messenger Platform.
  • Facebook Open Source Tools
    React, React Native, React VR, Caffe2, Fresco, Litho, YogaKit, GraphQL, Relay

Judging Criteria

  • Quality of idea
    Creativity and originality of the product idea submitted.
  • Implementation of Idea
    How well the implementation of product from the submitted idea.
  • Value
    How big is the impact of the products submitted.
  • Special Point (optional)
    Participant who use any API from MainAPI will get additional point.

How to Participate

  • Join Facebook Group of DevC Jakarta
    Must be member of Facebook Developer Circles Jakarta
  • Create Product and Demo Video
    Create minimum prototype of your product and make a video about it. Then submit the link to us.
  • Register by online
    Open then click "Register"
    Submission can be:
    1. Demo video, maximum 3 minutes, or
    2. Screenshoot, or
    3. How to access your application (url/link, build apk, etc)


  • Panji Gautama - CTO, Kudo
  • Ilham Fatoni - Group Product Manager,
  • Rico Harisin - Engineering Manager, Tokopedia
  • Andy Zain, Managing Director, Kejora

Important Dates

Registration Submission Deadline

7 November 2017 23.00 WIB

Finalists Announcement (Outside Jabodetabek)

8 November 2017

Finalists Announcement (Jabodetabek) and Hack Day

11 November 2017